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brasilia was actually planned for cars. most of its monuments can be found along the monumental axis, and thus can be easily reached by car. however, it strikes tourists that one can hardly see life around these monumental places, their beauty notwithstanding. life in Brasilia is in the superblocks (superquadras), where people live.

in the superblocks an interesting variety of architecture can be found despite the very limited tipology. but it is difficult to travel from superblock to superblock in a car, due to their tree-shaped streets. moreover, it is quite pleasant to walk across the superblocks and under their canopy of trees. so we decided to propose walking tours in the superblocks for those interested in modernist architecture and urban planning. we do not intend to show famous monuments and niemeyer’s chef d’oeuvres. we want to show interesting architecture and to show how people live in brasilia.

for basic information about brasilia’s design and the superblocks click here. normally, each superblock has a set of eleven buildings (blocos). Each building has six floor above pilotis. superblocks along avenues L2 south and L2 north are the exception, since they have more buildings and each building is only three storeys high.

for more information or a guided tour, do not hesitate to contact us.

have a nice walk!


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  1. Hugo Séguin

    I had the pleasure to be on a tour with Leonardo, the initiator of brasilia walks and urban planner and architect himself. He knows his stuff, his walk is filled with anecdotes and relevant comments about Brasilia’s peculiar layout and architecture. I highly recommend it!

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